Why I Finished Christmas Shopping Before Thanksgiving

Why I Finished Christmas Shopping Before Thanksgiving

You read it right y’all, my Christmas shopping is d-o-n-e done.

And the wrapping is finished too. Thanks in part to those boxes that have designs printed on them. You don’t have to wrap those boxes, just put a bow on them and call it good, right? Right.

In all honesty, I was finished with everyone but the hubs (always the difficult one, am I right) before we left to visit my in-laws the week before Thanksgiving. And I finished shopping for him a couple days before Thanksgiving.

My goal was to be finished shopping before December 1.

And I bet you’re just sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear why. Ha.

The thing is, my oldest baby isn’t that much of a baby anymore. He’s a three year old with opinions and questions and comprehension. He is actually understanding about Christmas-time. And wants to do family activities. And is full of so much curiosity.

And this year I want to enjoy the season with him. To talk about why we celebrate Christmas.

And who we celebrate.

To make hot cocoa. And frost cookies.

To play with the nativity set. And countdown the Advent days.

To sing the happy birthday song to Jesus, as requested by my toddler, no less than 3 times a day.

And, more importantly, to be here. 

To be present.

To focus not on the shopping and wrapping and buying and busy-ing.

But to instead focus on the sitting and talking and loving and, simply, being.

And, this year, for those of you who are getting gifts from me, you might not be getting the perfect gift. You’ll get a good gift, a nice gift, something I think you’ll like. But it probably won’t be perfect. It probably won’t be the best gift you’ve ever received. It probably won’t be the most amazing thing I’ve ever given you.

And I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you.

But the thing is, this year, I’m doing things a little differently.

I’m rearranging my priorities.

And instead of bustling,

I’m giving my family the gift of attention,

the gift of little moments,

the gift of presentness,

the gift of stories about Jesus,

the gift of less-stress,

the gift of less-fuss,

the gift of mommy,

and the gift of time.

Holding onto hope,


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