The Best Piece of Marriage Advice Summed Up in One Word

Happy Good News Monday folks. I apologize that it’s been a couple weeks but I will be back to our regularly scheduled programming verrrrry soon.

So, what prompted this post is my sister-in-law’s upcoming wedding. She’s getting married this week (eeek! So much to do! So little time! But I digress.). And, I truly, honestly couldn’t be more thrilled for her.

I was talking with my husband about my MOH speech yesterday and how I wish I could write it down and pass it out for people to read at the reception instead of speaking it aloud in front of a couple hundred people. HA. I’m only dreaming. I consider myself a woman of words but albeit written words, definitely not spoken words. Speaking in public, especially about people I love, turns me into an ooey-gooey, sappy, tearful hot mess. Sorry in advance Ash, but you good and well knew this was coming. 😉

The Best Piece of Marriage Advice Summed Up in ONE Word -

All of this wedding talk got me reflecting on my own nuptials to my amazing husband (9 years this summer. NINE people. Phewy time flies.), and I began to ask myself what my best advice would be for a newlywed couple. I spent a long time thinking about it and started to form a blog-worthy list of pieces of advice for newly married couples.

But I was stopped short.


Because every piece of advice all lead back to one thing and one thing alone.

So, my best marriage advice, summed up in just ONE word, is,


Give it.

Receive it.

Spread it.

Live it.

Grace. Grace. Grace. Grace. Grace. GRACE.

Firstly, the most important thing I can tell you about, is a grace freely given. The grace that God extended us when his Son died in our place. First and foremost. The forefront. The center. The beginning and the end. The one and only way to God, to salvation. This grace, this forgiveness, should be the center of our lives, of our marriages, of our families.

Secondly, give grace to your spouse. Not the “we-must-both-feel-equally-sorry-I’ll-get-you-back-one-day” type of grace but true grace. The “you-hurt-me-but-I’m-forgiving-without-reservations-anyways” kind of grace. The grace that’s undeserved and under appreciated. The grace that isn’t earned and can’t be won. The kind of grace that God first gave us.

Thirdly, accept grace. From your spouse. This one is the toughest for me because it means I probably did something wrong. Hurt someone. Wronged someone. Hurt the person I love most in this world. (And check yo-self, because, puh-leeeeease, I never do anything wrong. HA.) Accept the mercy given by your spouse. Allow yourself to be forgiven and let go of the guilt and shame. And start anew.

Because, friends. If there’s one thing I hope we can all truly understand in life it’s grace.

And, if you know me, man oh man you’ll know how far I am from understanding it all.

Because I am, I definitely am.

I’m still catching up.

Running the race.

Fighting the fight.

Learning about what grace is, where grace is, what grace looks like, who grace is.

Thankfully, with my husband right by my side.

But, no matter what, no matter how I feel, no matter what I do,  God is enough.

His Son paid it all.

And His grace is sufficient for me.

And to my sister (because who am I kidding, I dropped the in-law a long time ago) Ashley and her wonderful still-fiance-for-five-days, Nate, here’s to a happy wedding and, most-importantly, a beautiful, exciting, wonderful, grace-filled marriage.

Love you both more than you know.

Holding onto hope,


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