A Post on Apologizing

Happy Monday y’all! I am starting something new for Mondays, called Good News Monday.

On Mondays, I would like to take a little time to share with you the good news that God has put on my heart that week.  The suggestion for Good News Monday actually came from my very own wonderfully-talented Mama. (Are you noticing a trend? I’m starting to get quite good at bumming ideas off my loved ones. More like I’m so incredibly awesome that I inspire them to create those amazing ideas. Ha! I kid.)

This post has been rattling around in my head for a few days now, so I’m going to throw it all out there, hoping it makes some coherent sense…hoping your heart hears it the same way mine does. Here goes nothin’.

I'm Sorry


Saying I’m sorry.

Asking for forgiveness.

It is definitely something I am not good at.

Probably because I’m never wrong. Ha! I’m pretty sure my husband is laughing hysterically somewhere right now.

But asking for forgiveness is something that is so central to my life. Something that I want to live out and model for my children. I have done wrong. I will do wrong again. I will try my hardest to do right by them, but I will fail.

And when I do, I will apologize to them. For those failures. Those hurts. Those times when I fail as a mom. As a wife. As a friend. I want my children to see that side of me. As often as I can. Because one day they will fall. Hard. And forgiveness is waiting for them. All they have to do is ask.

The beauty of Jesus and the cross is the forgiveness. The grace. Knowing that we have sinned and believing that our God’s son, Jesus, died on the cross for our horrible, terrible, embarrassing, despicable sins. Asking for forgiveness and receiving it. Swimming in the ocean of grace.

So throw me into the deep. Help me to bathe in the goodness, the richness of grace.

Holding onto hope,



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