10 Tips for Shopping at Aldi

You may have figured this out by now, but I’ll say it again: I love shopping at Aldi.

For all the Aldi-virgins out there I’ve made a quick list of tips for you:

10 Tips for Shopping at Aldi - mondaymorningmama.com

IMG_03141. Bring a quarter. If you want a cart you have to rent it. This saves them money by not having to pay someone to take back carts to the store, which in turn saves you money by lowering grocery costs with very little hassle to you.

2. Bring your own bags. Many people do this at the grocery store anyways, but at Aldi they don’t provide any complimentary bags. Or bagging services for that matter. So be prepared to sack your own groceries as well.

3. Look for the seasonal items. Aldi has a few shelves of seasonal items that once they sell out they’re gone. I’ve gotten some really great finds like low sodium soy sauce, name-brand cake/brownie mixes, and premier cookies (you know those ones that Delta gives out on airplane flights!).IMG_8547

4. Don’t forget the milk. For the most part, milk is much cheaper at Aldi than any other store. (Unless you find one with a really good and rare, sale or coupon).

5. Look through your produce. I love Aldi produce but have gotten a moldy case of berries a time or two. Saying that, they have a great exchange policy and they were super friendly when I informed them what had happened.  Now I live a good 30 minutes from the nearest store and don’t have time to go back, so I take an extra look at all my produce.

6. Don’t let the off brands scare you away. Trust me. Most of them taste really good. I have some family members that swear by on-brand everything but enjoy most of the Aldi foods that they unknowingly eat at my house. Shhhhhhh don’t tell them, it’ll be our little secret.

7. Check out the Wednesday meat special. Every Wednesday Aldi has a meat special for that day only. The ad will tell you what the special is. Sometimes it’s not worth an extra trip but often you can find good meat at a dirt cheap price.

8. Don’t shy away from flowers or plants. Throughout the spring, summer and fall Aldi will oftIMG_8189en sell various plants. I’ve gotten some very large and beautiful potted mums for less than 1/2 the price you would pay at another store! Also their fresh bouquets of cut flowers are very pretty but light on the wallet.

9. Read the ad. Aldi’s weekly ad isn’t very big but can pack a big punch on your wallet.  Look for the produce discounts, meat specials and “Red Hot Deal” before you shop.

10. Bring your debit card. Aldi only accepts debit, cash or EBTs.  I don’t always carry a lot of cash on-hand and credit cards are not accepted at Aldi. So be prepared with your debit card (and pin!) in hand.

Hope this list helps you out on your next Aldi shopping trip!

QUESTION: What is your best tip for shopping at Aldi??

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